Vastu Tips For Health

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body and the secret of maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul is rooted in your home only. No matter whether it is a rented or owned one, the energies inherent in your home continuously affect your mind and health.

Your home is not only a structure of bricks and mortar but it has a live consciousness in it, known as Vastu Purush which gets closely associated with your consciousness the moment you start living in that space (home). The Vastu purush is basically a set of energies that develop inside your home at the time of House Warming (Grih Pravesh) and forms the scientific basis of the effects mentioned in Vastu Shastra.

Whether it is the direction of rooms, activities or household articles, each affects your life and health according to the element and functioning they represent. For example, the direction of your Bed room has a major impact on your day to day health. A person sleeping in between East and SouthEast part of their home have a high susceptibility to ailments like high Blood pressure and diabetes. This is because these ailments are majorly related to high anxiety levels and the energies lying in the said direction govern anxiety and analytical tendencies in you. So, sleeping in this area increases the tendency to analyze each and every thing, thereby, reducing the tendency to let go of irrelevant and this, in turn, leads you towards hyper tension and sugar.

So, it is strongly recommended to shift your bed from this direction. This will not remove the disease per se, but will surely help you control further damage and fast recovery. If, however, there is no option to change the bedroom, then there are easy to apply Vastu remedies which can give you some relief, for example, placing a painting of a woman churning the curd and butter coming out of it in your bedroom.

Similarly, a bedroom in between West and NorthWest directions creates Depression, drug addiction and suicidal tendencies. It is a big no for teenage children. However, by painting the room in cream colour you can reduce its bad effects. You must also avoid bedroom in between South and SouthWest directions as it leads to total loss of physical and mental health. Prolonged usage can create severe ailments of lower abdomen and can prove fatal. So, you must avoid sleeping in this part of your home.

Just like bedroom, Kitchen and Toilet also play a vital role in maintaining good health. Kitchen placed in South and SouthEast directions improves digestion and helps you get nourishment from your food. But, it creates weak immunity and regular medication when placed in NorthEastern part of your home. Similarly, presence of a Toilet in NorthEast part of your home can create severe neurological problems. When placed in between South and SouthEast, it can lead to Muscular dystrophy. However, when placed in between South and SouthWest, it helps to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Our bodies are made up of the Five Elements (Panchtattva) and these are present in your home as well in terms of the activities, objects and wall colours. Application of Vastu helps you maintain a healthy balance of these five elements in your home and thus, help your family live a healthy and fortune living.

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