Numerology Consultation

Numerology consultation targets at realigning your identities, choices and efforts with the growth trajectory that you are born with. This helps in creating the required attitude, capabilities and performance levels which generate the desired results and success.

Numerologist's advice in particular helps you make quick decisions and realise the power of your favourable (lucky) numbers to attract faster growth in career, money, success, love, harmony and happiness in life. Numerology remedies advised in NumeroVastu are based on ancient Hebrew Numerology principles along with time-tested Indian Vedic astrology secrets. Together these help in accurate diagnosis of the Number Vibrations that will help you excel in your field and achieve your goals.

In your complete Numerology Analysis Report, you will get to know how the nine number vibrations influence your life. Then, you can accordingly make quick decisions regarding selection of most beneficial dates & time (to start new business ventures or to even call your customers & prospects), name for your new Company, Brands and new born Baby.

You can also decide most favourable persons, number sets (for new Car, Mobile phones, Passwords etc.) and most importantly, suitable match for successful marriage and business partnership. You can also get Numero Name Mantra to improve your relationship status with a person or family.

We understand that you might have your own reasons to seek a Numerology advice. On the basis of our long consultation experience, we have devised standard packages to ensure the best value for money. You can pick the one you reckon most suitable for your requirements.

Your child's decisions, performance and success are greatly influenced by their Name - first letter, composition and spelling of each part. Name denotes the most powerful identity for your child. In NumeroVastu, we try to make it the most suitable and beneficial for them on the basis of Indian Vedic Astrology secrets in conjunction with ancient Hebrew Numerology Principles.

You need to propose the Names of your Baby with Surname. You can propose upto 10 names for evaluation. We will calculate and advise you the most suitable 3 names for your baby (out of the proposed options) in the order of priority. We will also advise their Numerologically Compliant spellings.

A Numerologically empowered name for your new business - Company, Brand, or Product gives you a strong edge over your competitors and ensures its success. To avail yourself of this consultation, you need to propose the Names for your new Company (No need to add Company incorporation type with each proposed name.) or Brand or Product. You can propose upto 5 names for evaluation of either your Company or Brand or Product.

We will calculate and advise you the most suitable 3 names (out of the proposed options) along with their Numerologically Compliant spellings. Please note that calculation of most suitable Business name is also based on Numero analysis of the owner or the person controlling the business. If your business has more than one controlling person (partners), then please contact us to know the revised consultation Fees.

Prevention is better than cure. Marriage Compatibility analysis report will help you take a good decision for your happy & peaceful future. Besides telling you the compatibility status, this report will also give you most effective NumeroVastu Remedies to improve on compatibility levels.

Ideal for those looking for a suitable match and also for married couples to improve their relationship. Only one partner will be evaluated per report.

Partnership compatibility analysis report will help you peep in the unexplored realms of your business partner. Whether he/ she is actually supporting you or just pretending to be so will be clear from this report. It will also give you most effective NumeroVastu Remedies to improve mutual understanding & cooperation and strengthen your partnership bond. Only one partner will be evaluated per report.

Complete Numerology Analysis will help you attract faster Growth, Love, Money and Fortune. In this detailed Numerology Analysis Report, you will get advice on below points: Your Name with recommended Spelling in English Alphabets;

  • 1. Your Name with recommended Spelling in English Alphabets
  • 2. Most favourable & lucky Number(s) for you
  • 3. Your Signature's analysis for identification & correction of negative thought patterns (if any) that might be blocking your growth and achievement of goals.
  • 4. Most suitable number total for your Vehicle
  • 5. Most suitable number total for your Mobile phone number
  • 6. Suggestion for more powerful E-Mail ID
  • 7. Most favourable name letters (from English Alphabets)
  • 8. Most favourable Dates & Time recommendation
  • 9. Most suitable Colours;
  • 10. Most suitable Directions;
  • 11. Most suitable Gem Stone (if any).
  • 12. Numero Name Analysis of your Company (analysis of given name only)
  • 13. Numero Name Analysis of your Brand (analysis of given name only)
  • 14. Analysis of your basic Nature & root tendencies as per Square Grid Theory discussed in Numero Vibrations Course
  • 15. Compatibility Analysis (with any one person, e.g., your wife or business partner)
  • 16. Special NumeroVastu Recommendation(s).
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