Vastu Consultation

A home with balanced Vastu energies forms a strong platform on which your favourable Number vibrations can help you run fast and achieve your goals. Numero Vastu consultation proves vital in harnessing the maximum potential of your destiny in a given time period. It presents a powerful mix of Hebrew Number science and Indian Vastu Shastra to help you attract money & fortune.

At times, negative external influences (Prabhav) develop in your surrounding space on account of unfavourable home vastu, office vaastu or work space vasthu arrangements. These imbalanced Vastu energies do not allow your innate strengths (Swabhav), your natural capabilities & talents, to produce your best performance and let you achieve your targets even during the most favourable Time periods (Dashas) as suggested by your horoscope.

NumeroVastu analysis is targeted at identifying and modifying these negative influences to create a Conducive Environment for your innate strengths and favourable Numero vibrations to operate and manifest the purpose of your existence. NumeroVastu solutions help to synergize your efforts and bring out the best in you.

This is done on the basis of Physical inspection of your building space followed by a scientific Vastu analysis on its floor plan (made to-scale). While physical inspection of the space facilitates sensing of blocked and negative energies, Vastu analysis on floor plan ensures correct placement of Vastu remedies. Of course, a detailed Numero analysis goes on parallel to these.

This detailed Numero Vastu analysis is the reason why most of the negative influences in your space can be corrected easily with NumeroVastu Solutions without making demolitions or structural changes there.

Complete Numero Vastu Analysis is strongly advisable to realise the best results for a grown up person. This is because the solutions advised in NumeroVastu Consultation package are based on detailed Astro-Numero analysis of your life and in-depth Vastu analysis of your space - your home, office, factory etc.

This 3-tier Numero-Vastu analysis assumes even more importance when it comes to selection of a New Plot, Land or Property. Also, while designing the layout planning of your new home or work space. In such cases, we get the liberty of deciding ideal placement of Doors and Rooms (like bedroom, toilet, puja room, kitchen, staircase, store, balconies etc.) as per the most beneficial directions for you and your family members. While advising solutions for a new home, due care is taken to maintain the modern aesthetics for designing and interiors.

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