Astrology Consultation

Fees: INR 7500/-
*(If Exact Birth Time is unavailable in that case fees will be INR 11000/-)

Astrological advice helps you identify the available strengths & weaknesses that you are born with or that you possess in relation to some particular choice or work that you are going to start at some particular time in your life. It's like a guiding light that helps you see the way ahead. Making your moves in accordance with your favourable planets and time periods, as advised by your astrologer, creates a solid foundation for future growth, love, happiness & peace of mind.

You can ask up to 3 questions in different domains (e.g., Business, Health & Career) per consultation. You will get a Report carrying guidance and suggestions on your questions. You will also get one Back Up consultation (of 15 minutes) through phone or e-mail or a personal meeting at our office to clear all your doubts regarding the advised suggestions. This consultation is meant to ensure correct application of the suggestions.

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