Learn Numerology in Numero Vibrations Course

    Level-1 : 2 day Numerology Workshop
  • 1. How to find out your Lucky Numbers ?
  • 2. How to correct your Name Spelling to achieve the best performance and results ?
  • 3. What is your Inner Potential ? How Name Numerology helps you realize that and create power and money?
  • 4. How to select most suitable Career stream from date of birth ?
  • 5. Why you feel attracted to some special persons in life ?
  • 6. How to decide a beneficial person in your life by just checking their name ?
  • 7. Numero Tricks –
    • To improve relationship of a Bride with her In-Laws.
    • To improve Marriage Compatibility.
    • To attract favourable response from a particular person.
  • 8. Numero Secret to judge the basic nature of a person from their Date of birth and name?
  • 9. Learn amazing applications of Numerology to attract more from life:
    • Gainful E-Mail ID and Mobile Number for effective communication.
    • Deciding the powerful Alphanumeric Codes to be used as Passwords for your Computers, ATM cards, Mail IDs, bank accounts etc.
    • Selecting most favourable date to take Online Exams.
    • Choosing auspicious Date to start new business ventures.
    • Find out the favourable Colours & Directions for you.
    • Selecting the Lucky number for new Car.

2 Day

Nitin Gupta

INR 12,000 (inclusive of Reference Study material, Lunch & High-Tea) GST@18% Extra

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