Study of Stars & Planets is a must to study the science of Numbers. All western Numerologists including the great Pythagoras & William John Warner (Cheiro) referred to Planets for their calculations & analysis. The Astro-Numerology workshop gives you a power-packed mix of - 

1.  Ancient Indian Vedic wisdom,
2. Ancient Jewish Kabbalah wisdom, and
3. NumeroVastu’s original research work (Aunkar theory).

Practically, you shall get to learn most effective and applied Numerology techniques with (basic KP/ Nadi) Astrology.

Interactive Sessions andLive Case Studies have been the most interesting part of this workshop. These facilitate easy & strong understanding of the concepts.

However, If you come across any doubts after the workshop is over, you can ask your questions in 'Numerologists' - a closed group on Fb. This group is meant especially to provide you the requisite Back Up Support.

Purpose is to empower you with high confidence to advise powerful Astro-Numerology Remedies to solve problems and work as a truly Professional Numerologist.

Mentioned below is the detailed Content List :

    I. CAREER NUMEROLOGY for Money, Success & Growth
  • 1. Selecting best suitable Subjects, Career & Occupation as per your Numbers.
  • 2. Explore your hidden Potential and utilize it to maximize your gains.
  • 3. Deciding powerful Name spelling to attract better health, growth & success (based on exclusive Research work of NumeroVastu Team ) :
    • When to use your First name only?
    • When to use Middle name also?
    • When your Surname helps you get better results?
    • When it is good to use Nick Name?
    • Which Alphabet(s) to add or remove in your Name to attract money & be more powerful.
  • 4. Numero Tricks & Remedies (Original Research of NumeroVastu Team)
    • To attract Favourable Response from a Colleague.
    • To strengthen your relationship with your Boss or Employee.
    • To select most favourable date of taking Online Exams.
    II. BUSINESS NUMEROLOGY for Profits, Sales & Productivity
  • 1. How to find your Numbers to attract Money & Success?
  • 2. Choosing the most beneficial names for your Company, Brands and Products
  • 3. How to select the Right Business Partner?
  • 4. Creating better Understanding & Cooperation in Business Partners – Exclusive Research work of NumeroVastu Team.
  • 5. How to decide and quote the Selling Price of your product to increase Sales ?
  • 6. Choosing auspicious Date & Time (Muhurat) to start new ventures.
  • 7. How to choose a Property for Investment & Gain maximum returns?
  • 8. Creating beneficial E-Mail account.
  • 9. Deciding the powerful Alphanumeric Codes to be used as passwords for your Computers, ATM cards, Mail IDs, bank accounts etc.
  • 10. Choosing a helpful & beneficial persons in your life by just checking their name.
  • 11. Numero Secret for powerful Logo Designing.
  • 12. Numero Tricks & Remedies (Original Research of NumeroVastu Team) –
    • to attract Favourable Response from a persons. (client/customer).
    • to strengthen your relationship with your Customer or Supplier.
    III. FORTUNE NUMEROLOGY for Luck, Love & Fulfilment
  • 1. Perfect Match Making with ‘5-Point Compatibility Analysis’ – Original Research of NumeroVastu Team 
  • 2. Selecting most suitable Gems Stones on the basis of Astro-Numerology.
  • 3. Selecting the Lucky Numbers & Colour for new Car (vehicle).
  • 4. Numero Technique to judge the Basic Nature and Life Graph* of a persons without actually seeing him or talking to him – Exclusive Research work of NumeroVastu Team.

    *(driving force, vision, focus, mind, preferences, strengths or/and weaknesses etc.)

  • 5. Numero Tricks & Remedies (Original Research of NumeroVastu Team) 
    • To Improve Compatibility & relationship between:
      1. Saas-Bahu        
      2. Husband-Wife        
      3. Any Two Persons
    • To Come Out of Traffic faster
  • 6. Using Colours & Directions as NumeroVastu Remedies to attract Love, Growth, Money & Fortune.
  • 7. How to apply Remedies to solve problems related with:
    • Health
    • Studies
    • unfavourable house address
    • unfavourable Passport document
    • unfavourable Mobile
    • unfavourable Car

         Special 10 Remedial Techniques of Astro-Numerology devised & used by NumeroVastu Team for Problem-Solving

  • 1. Alpha Technique
  • 2. Gamma Technique
  • 3. Master Stroke technique
  • 4. Vastu Colour Technique
  • 5. Astro Colour Technique
  • 6. OPT-echnique       
  • 7. Mantra Technique
  • 8. DP Technique
  • 9. UK Technique
  • 10. Tattoo Technique

3 Day

21st (Friday) - 23rd (Sunday) September 2018

09:30 am - 6:30 pm.

Nitin Gupta

Radisson Blu Hotel, Paschim Vihar West Delhi

Investment: Rs. 30,000 (inclusive of Certificate, Study material, Lunch, and Tea).

SPECIAL OFFER: Pay Only Rs. 26,100(including GST) if you deposit your fees before 21st Aug'18

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