Vastu Tips For Marriage

Marriage demarcates initiation of a new life for both, the bride and the groom, and the principles of ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra can help you ensure love, happiness, money and fortune in that. In this era of destination and theme weddings, people have once again started realizing the importance of their age old family values, traditions and culture. It is clearly visible in Invitation cards designs, preferences of traditional outfits for both, males and females, musical performances & other events during the wedding ceremony. Flower shower, Shankh Dhwani (blowing a Conch), Mantrochcharan (recitation of Mantras), Aguwani (Welcoming the groom in the wedding arena) and many other such rituals are commonly observed in almost all the weddings taking place these days. Carrying out the ceremony in traditional way seems to impart a unique auspiciousness in the ceremony. The purpose is to ensure a happy, prosperous and fortune living for the couple. And, this is what Vastu Shastra is meant for. The principles of this Vedic Indian knowledge are very much effective in modern times as well. It's just that the perspective of application needs to be adapted to suit the contemporary living.

Vastu Principles become applicable for any space with defined boundaries and, when followed properly, helps you fulfil the purpose of that space or the activities being conducted in that space. In this sense, it is strongly advisable to keep certain Vastu pointers in mind not only for the wedding place (Mandap etc.) but also in the home to get it ready to welcome the bride.


The very first sign of celebration reflects in the form of electric lights that the house is embellished with. During the last 12 years of my Vastu practice, I came across certain cases wherein an inappropriate placement of electric lights in the wrong direction led to unwanted hurdles and accidents during the marriage ceremony.

Ideally, you must avoid placing red and pink coloured lights on front wall in a North or SouthWest facing house. These create undesired problems in relationships between the two sides. Moreover, you will also experience lack of cooperation from your relatives. Similarly, avoid blue lights on front wall in SouthEast facing house. These create accidents and financial losses like thefts and loss of jewellery.


Next comes, placement of gifts. These can be put in two categories: gifts received from relatives; and, gifts to be distributed in the relatives. Gifts received can be placed in Western and SouthWestern part of your house. As per Vastu Shastra, West is the direction of fulfillment and net receipts while SouthWest governs your relationships in general. When you place received gifts in these direction, it strengthens your relationship with that particular relative. You can also place these gifts in NorthWest; that will not only ensure better utilization of those gifts but also motivate that relative to stand for you whenever you need them during the ceremony. Gifts to be presented can be placed in between East and NorthEast direction as that will improve your connectivity by coming over past memories. Apart from that, those can also be placed in South and NorthWest. But, avoid placing them in between East and SouthEast as this can create conflicts with that particular relative to whom you will present that gift.

Not only lights and gifts but placement of marriage photographs, albums and bed of the newly wedded couple must also be done in the right directions.


Since, photographs are a major representation of your relationships, so you should ideally place these in NorthWest or West or SouthWest directions. If it is the marriage photograph of the newly wedded couple, then it must be placed in a golden frame on western wall in SouthWest direction in your home. Remember, never use a green coloured album cover. Maroon-golden or shades of blue are ideal.


In NumeroVastu, selection of the most suitable direction for the bedroom is made on the basis of the date of marriage and dates of birth of the groom and bride. However, in general, the Bed of the couple can be placed in South or SouthWest or in between North and NorthWest. These directions naturally have those energies that support a healthy and fulfilled married life.

If the bedroom is placed in SouthEast direction, then avoid keeping a Mirror or dressing table on the Southern wall inside the room. You can then place it on the Northern wall.


Apart from Home Vastu, you must also try to arrange the Mandap in the right direction at the marriage place. Ideally, it should be in the SouthEast, direction of the holy fire. But, if space does not permit, then after necessary corrective measures, it can also be taken in other directions like West, SouthWest and South.

So, follow these simple NumeroVastu pointers to help the newly wedded couple make their marriage successful and attract more love, happiness, money and fortune in their life.

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