Vastu Tips For Healthy Pregnancy

Motherhood is the most desired and biologically the most important aspect in a female's life. Most of the females these days suffer with one or other complications like high BP, during their pregnancy which does not allow them to enjoy these special moments in their lives. However, following certain Vastu suggestions can help you have a healthy and safe pregnancy. These suggestions are a direct outcome of ancient Indian Vastu Shastra but are equally effective in contemporary life also.

If you are an expecting mother, then, first and foremost, you must take care of your bed position. Sleeping in the right direction is vital for a healthy pregnancy. Ideally, you must sleep in SouthWest direction of your home. This direction has the natural power which imparts safety to the child in your womb. Sleeping here also helps you get the blessings of your forefathers for the baby which is vital for a healthy offspring. While sleeping, it is recommended to keep your head position towards South or East directions. This will help you get a good sleep, stay calm and maintain better health.

If it is not possible to shift your bedroom in SouthWest, then you can opt for other directions also like West and East-NorthEast but, avoid sleeping in East-SouthEast. Sleeping in this part of your home can potentially increase the chances of having undesired fluctuations in blood pressure leading to stressful mind. As per Vastu Shastra, a pregnant lady must shift her bed in SouthWest direction at least one month before the delivery. And, during the last 12 years of my Vastu practice, I have personally observed the benefits of doing so.

A close relative of mine was supposed to undergo cesarean procedure as she was having certain complications. It was around one and a half month left for her delivery, so, I advised her to start sleeping in another room which was located in SouthWest of her apartment. And, the miracle was before everyone to see - she had a perfectly normal delivery without any complications at all.

Not only placement of bed but room colours and interior decoration also matters a lot. If your bedroom is located in Southern or SouthEastern part of your house, you must avoid using shades of blue, grey and black there. Similarly, avoid shades of red, pink and green for a room in SouthWest. If you want to place a picture of a child in your room, then you must take due care lest it should appear in between South and SouthWest portion in your home. These factors can lead to unexpected abortion.

Ideally, you should keep your personal closet or cupboard in West-SouthWest or South-SouthEast portions. This will give you more physical and mental strength. Also, place a picture of your ancestors in golden frame on Western wall in SouthWest room in your home to keep getting their blessings for a safe delivery and healthy child. This powerful Vastu remedy will also help the baby inculcate your family's moral values and become a good human.

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