Invite Shiva In Your Life And Home On MahaShivratri

Worshipping lord Shiva on MahaShivratri is a symbol of observing patience in life to bring about a positive change. According to Shiv Purana, Lord Shiva too is a married person. But, on this day, he consumed all the poison that emanated as a result of Churning of Ocean (sagar Manthan) in order to protect the whole cosmos. Maha Shivratri is celebrated in remembrance of that event.

When we talk of observing Fast on Maha Shivratri, it does not only mean keeping away from food but it actually means refraining from misunderstandings, misinterpreting your partner's words, or reacting from biased or judgemental mind.

When we talk of being awake the whole night, it actually means, being aware to the negative thoughts that might enter your subconscious mind. You must try to respond with a cool head and calm mind and this is what lord Shiva's appearance tells us.

Shiva is the vibration that takes us from negativity to positivity, from wrong to right. NumeroVastu names this vibration as Aligner number. (Other two Numero-Vibrations that govern your existence are: Brahma (Initiator) and Vishnu (Sustainer)). It holds the power of Shiva and is responsible for bringing about a positive change in your life. It helps in realigning your efforts in the right direction to attract faster growth in your career and help you manifest the purpose of your existence. To realise the power of Aligner number, you must also do some complementary changes in your home:

1. Clean North-East area of your home. Avoid shades of red there. Also, avoid clutter, storing cleaning aids and pointed objects there. 2. Making a Swastika or an Augnkar there will help you invoke the Vibration of Shiva in you. 3. Also, avoid sleeping in this area or making a kitchen here. It will improve your health, understanding & patience levels. 4. Remove shades of Green and Pink from South-West part to overcome frustrations and generate a positive behavioural response. 5. Avoid keeping pictures or idols of Gods in between East & South-East areas and in South-West part to get rid of negative thinking and orthodox nature.

So, this MahaShivRatri let's be more aware about the vibrations that govern our lives and invite lord Shiva in our life and home to create a positive change in your life.

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