NumeroVastu is a unique combination of Numerology and Vastu Shastra to apply easy solutions for money and fortune. It presents a holistic approach to analyse the root cause of your problems and apply most effective Vastu remedies without making any demolitions or structural changes.

Astrology Consultation

Astrological advice helps you identify the available strengths & weaknesses that you are born with or that you possess in relation to some particular choice or work that you are going to start at some particular time in your life.


Numerology Consultation

Numerology consultation targets at realigning your identities, choices and efforts with the growth trajectory that you are born with. This helps in creating the required attitude, capabilities and performance levels which generate the desired results and success.


Vastu Consultation

Numero Vastu consultation proves vital in harnessing the maximum potential of your destiny in a given time period. It presents a powerful mix of Hebrew Number science and Indian Vastu Shastra to help you attract money & fortune.


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